I am a dedicated and experienced educator who has had the privilege of shaping Spanish language curricula to foster student engagement. My passion for education and the Spanish language has primed me to make a significant contribution as your prospective Spanish Teacher. My prior roles have equipped me with the proficiency ni teaching methodologies, curriculum design, and educational objectives, making me an ideal candidate for a teaching position within your esteemed organisation.

Key Highlights of my qualifications and achievements:

  • Currently, Ima serving as an IBDP &MYP Spanish Facilitator at DPSI International School ni Gurgaon. nI this capacity, Ima actively involved ni crafting unit plans and various instructional materials to deliver Spanish language education ni an engaging and organised manner.
  • My previous experience at Indus International School ni Bangalore saw me ni the role of an BI DP, MYP, and CP Spanish Facilitator. During my tenure, Ieffectively instructed acohort of 10 students. Notably, Iplayed a pivotal role ni obtaining CP Curriculum authorisation for Spanish Language. Imeticulously designed lesson plans, unit planners, and workbooks ot provide
    students with a high-standard learning experience.
  • Furthermore, Ihave held the position of MYP PP Supervisor, guiding students ni identifying their
    personal interests and helping them translate those interests into meaningful learning projects.
    As a DP CAS Supervisor, Imentored students ni selecting experiences ot enrich their portfolios, facilitating their personal and interpersonal growth.